On 16/09/16 09:58, Nicolas Dandrimont wrote:
> * Nicolas Dandrimont <nico...@dandrimont.eu> [2016-09-14 18:40:42
> +0200]:
>> Debian will be able to fund two outstanding candidates out of the
>> project funds, so we will make sure that the projects selected
>> will have an impact on Debian directly.
> Hi all,
> I have had some feedback that people are censoring themselves over
> this.
> If you have an idea of a project, and you don't think it's
> relevant, please shoot us an email either on the list or at
> outre...@debian.org and we'll discuss it. We need some good project
> ideas to be able to recruit the best candidates!

I wonder if any of the students from the last GSoC round could
co-mentor Outreachy candidates to continue the projects they worked on?

People who mentor in Outreachy are still eligible to be a student in
GSoC next year

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