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> Hello,
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> > What are your skills/experience? Where is your GitHub profile?
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> I have some experience with languages like C for microcontrollers
> (avr, arm), python, php, bash scripting for servers and also
> maintaining a few packages[1]

It seems that the main repo of OpenAG is this:

Since you have experience with bash scripting for servers
I would suggest that you try as a project: Installing openag_brain
in a Docker container, using docker-scripts (

Note that openag_brain already uses docker-compose for docker
installation, so maybe you have to check with the leaders of the
project whether they are interested in giving a try to docker-scripts.

Other than this, openag_brain has a long list of issues here:
Some of them can be used to complement the task above,
in case it seems to easy to be done in 3 months.
Or you can work only on a selection of these tasks, which
have enough work to be done in 3 months.

Some of these issues seem to be particularly interesting for you,
for example this one:

In any case I think that you should get in touch with the
developers of OpenAgInitiative and ask them for further
clarifications or details.

Good luck,

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