Last Week I have divided the packaged
android-platform-frameworks-compile[1] into two parts[2] compile-libbcc and
[3] compile-slang as per my mentor's idea. I was trying to rewrite the
makefiles change rules file anchangelog according to the latest
requirements. The package has been updated  to 8.1.0+r23 from version 5.x
so these two packages depend on each other so the update has to be done
simultaneously. Even though GSoC ended last week I would like to contribute
until the entire update is completed. I could not contribute much after mid
- last week as my University's placement exams and interviews have been
started and I had to prepare for it. Once I get done with that I assure
that I will complete the task without fail. Thank you mentors for this
beautiful past 12 weeks. !!


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Chandramouli R.

Happy Coding :)

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