Pirate Praveen writes ("Javascript team policy and rejection of node-three 
binary package"):
> 1. Node.js has standard locations for discovering installed packages
> which is different from browser targeted javascript libraries.
> Node.js expects pure js modules to be installed at /usr/lib/nodejs but
> javascript libraries are installed at /usr/share/javascript

This is not an argument in favour of separate packages AFAICT ?

> 2. Dependency on nodejs is required only during build or when other
> Node.js modules depend on it. a browser targeted library does not need
> to depend on nodejs package.

This could be solved by dropping the nodejs dependency from all the
nodejs module packages and requiring top-level applications to depend
on nodejs.

> If you take example of node-handlebars source package, libjs-handlebars
> is targeted at browsers and does not need to declare a dependency on
> nodejs. But handlebars package need nodejs to run. If there is only a
> single binary package, nodejs will get installed unnecessarily.

Does handlebars contain anything that is useful to run directly ?


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