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On Fri 08 Nov 2019 at 03:09PM -05, Nicholas D Steeves wrote:

> You're welcome :-)  Done!
>   https://salsa.debian.org/sten-guest/policy/merge_requests/2

Hmm, this patch isn't what you proposed in your previous mail:

diff --git a/policy/ch-relationships.rst b/policy/ch-relationships.rst
index 140fdf1..8e4d98a 100644
--- a/policy/ch-relationships.rst
+++ b/policy/ch-relationships.rst
@@ -661,11 +661,10 @@ field in its control file:

     Built-Using: grub2 (= 1.99-9), loadlin (= 1.6e-1)

-This field should not be added solely for purposes other than
-satisfying license or DFSG requirements to provide full source code.
-In particular, it should not be added solely to enable finding
-packages that should be rebuilt against newer versions of their build
+This field's purpose is exclusively limited to cases where a package's
+license or DFSG requirements necessitate its use.  In particular,
+it should not be abused as a convenient way to identify packages that
+require a rebuild against newer versions of their build dependencies.

 .. [#]
    While ``Build-Depends``, ``Build-Depends-Indep`` and

I'm not really keen on use of 'abused' as I think it's too aggressive.

I've also realised that "solely for purposes other than satisfying" is
actually doing some work here -- it's okay to add Built-Using for other
purposes so long as you are *also* using it to satisfy licensing
requirements.  Not sure your proposal captures that.  Any other
ideas for better phrasing?

Sean Whitton

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