Hi there ...

At home I have a G5 iMac ... the one with the logic board inside what looks 
like a standard lcd monitor ... with a dvd port on the right hand side.

When I try to install debian lenny, I get to the yaboot menu readily 
enough ... and then if I just press the return key ... it starts to boot.

After about 5 sec the screen turns white ... and starts giving me OF messages.  
Any attempt to input info from the keyboard fails ... and I have to do a cold 

I tried the video=ofonly alternative ... and the same thing happens.

Anyone out there got a simple remedy for this issue??

Many thanks

PS ... machine is perfectly standard ... and has only Kubuntu on it at 
present.  I replaced the plastic apple keyboard with one of those snazzy 
ones ... made by apple.  Very smart!

I'd ;like to access the bigger ppc group supporting Debian ... so how can I 
get past the difficulty ... and get 'lenny' installed on my computer.

Thanks for any help.
Linux on a Mac... delightful
Irena & Richard Jenkins
Canberra,  AU

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