On 02/13/2018 02:04 PM, Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
That's probably because I am still using Jessie as a base environment rather 
than going through the process of setting up a sid-chroot in order just to 
build yaboot-1.3.17.

Well, we are not dealing with Debian Jessie in Debian Ports.

Jessie is basically a finished and archived product from our point of
view and we won't really update anything related to Jessie on PowerPC.

The main omission from e2fslibs compared to e2fslibs1.41-dev is that the latest 
version doesn't build the static versions of the libraries (the ld line adds 
-lext2fs and so it's libext2fs.a in 
https://packages.debian.org/sid/powerpc/e2fslibs1.41-dev/filelist which is the 
magic that allows yaboot to build when comparing with 

You can file a bug against src:e2fslibs and see if Theodore T'so is willing
to make these changes.

Now it could be that even adding a static build to e2fslibs still requires a 
few extra fixups to yaboot similar to 
 but that shouldn't be too tricky.

I should add that probably grub is a better long term solution, I'm just 
looking for a suitable band-aid to get the latest powerpc ports image running 
under QEMU again.

I understand that. But since my resources are limited as well, I don't want to
invest too much time fixing old code that is going to be eventually removed

If you have patches ready that I can apply to the yaboot package, I am happy
to apply them and perform an NMU to fix the particular issue you have.


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