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On 2018-08-11, Michele Bert <micber...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Is yaboot still used as the installer? I also have an iBook and
>> reported [0] and provided a fix [1] for a very similar issue relating
>> to yaboot back in October 2017. My fix was never picked up because
>> yaboot was supposed to be replaced with grub.
> Noooooooooooooooooo!
> I managed to install the system, but it installed the bugged yaboot
> version! I didn't thought that before, but thinking now, it is obvous!
> Now I have the system not booting, because the installed yaboot give
> the "decrementer exception".

This is no reason to panic. Keep in mind you can always boot from the
Jessie installer and start a shell. And with chroot you can get into
your system.

At this point your options are to install the jessie yaboot package and
re-run ybin. Or you could install a fixed sid yaboot package and re-run

I've uploaded a fixed sid yaboot package to my private server:


Whether or not you want to trust my key/signature is up to you.

> Now the question is: who of you have this sistem running on similar
> machine, which version of yaboot are using?

I am typing this email from the exact same laptop that you are trying to
get running. Once you get a working yaboot installed, everything will
run fine. And there are plenty of mails on this list that will provide
information about moving from yaboot to grub, which although
unnecessary, is the preferred boot loader going forward.

John Ogness

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