Hello, I've written a file as /tmp/test.sh with these only two lines:
date >> /tmp/TestPrinter.log

Then I've run following command on Debian 8 (stable):
$ lpadmin -p TestPrinter -v file:///dev/null -i /tmp/test.sh -E

Then I send something to print:
$ lp -d TestPrinter /tmp/test.pdf
request id is TestPrinter-204 (1 file(s))

/etc/cups/interfaces/TestPrinter exists, but it's never executed.
Same feature works perfectly with cups-client 1.7.2 in Ubuntu 14.04 ,
but not here with cups-client 1.7.5 in Debian 8.

Does anybody know if some additional configuration must be done or checked?


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