On 17.09.2016 16:08, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> i Till (and others),
> Quoting Till Kamppeter (2016-09-17 00:50:45)
>> I have now re-applied multi-arch to Ubuntu's Ghostscript package which 
>> is nearly identical to Debian's current Ghostscript package. So I 
>> attach the debdiff and hope with this you will easily able to add 
>> multi-arch functionality to Debian's Ghostscript package.
>> I am very grateful if you apply this so that I can keep the delta 
>> between Debian's and Ubuntu's Ghostscript packages low.
> Thanks for the suggested patch.
> I am worried, however, about the following phrase at 
> https://wiki.debian.org/Multiarch/Implementation:
>> If your -dev package contains headers which vary across architectures 
>> then it cannot be marked as Multi-Arch: same until a policy decision 
>> is made about architecture-dependant headers and the toolchain is 
>> updated.
> Did you test that the multi-arch packages work in a multi-arch 
> environment?  Looking at the symbols file, it seems headers do vary.

The encoding of symbols has nothing to do with the header files, I also can't
see any generated header files which differ on different architectures.  If the
latter should be the cause, these surely can be moved into the multiarch include

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