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We'll need an error_log; the Printing section of the wiki will guide
you in getting one. Compress it with gzip and send it to #868316.

The log is attached. I stopped the cups daemon, removed the old error_log, started the cups daemon, tried to print, and after the print job had been removed from the queue, stopped the daemon. So, the log contains only these steps.

Also attach your cupsd.conf and give the printer make and model.

It is the original cupsd.conf copied from /usr/share/cups/cupsd.conf.default at package installation, only with an additional

DefaultPolicy authenticated


There are several printers, all of them remote printers imported by cups-browsed - which is also currently broken related to authenticated policy, see #868283, so that I installed an older version. Of course, I verified that printing works with this older version of cups-browsed and "DefaultPolicy default".


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