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Le mardi, 2 janvier 2018, 22.21:14 h CET Jeremy Bicha a écrit :
> foo2zjs used to recommend tix and tk until they were dropped to
> suggests after complaints. See
> It was silently re-promoted to recommends at
> I don't know much about the foo2zjs package but I thought the
> recommends were only for the /usr/share/applications/hplj1020.desktop
> which is hidden by default.
> 1. At least on Ubuntu, we don't want the tk and tix recommends. I am
> attaching a patch for this in my next email (so that it includes this
> bug number).

I don't have much brain-time to spend on that package unfortunately, so I've 
integrated your patch, which makes total sense.

Feel free to beat me for the upload! :-)


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