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On Wed, 04 Apr 2018 21:06:26 +0200 Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:

> Le mercredi, 4 avril 2018, 12.59:07 h CEST Brian Potkin a écrit :
> > This means cups.service has acquired an extra directive
> > "Restart=always".
> Indeed. That's to make sure CUPS is restarted even when exiting normally 
> (such 
> as configuration changes.

Hello Brian and Didier!
Thanks to both of you for your kind and prompt replies.

> You can configure this by creating a /etc/systemd/system/cups.service with
> [Service]
> Restart=no

Do I understand correctly that /etc/systemd/system/cups.service should
be a (modified) copy of /lib/systemd/system/cups.service ?
Or the two above quoted lines are enough as the content of
/etc/systemd/system/cups.service ?

> As that's an upstream decision, I'm hereby closing this bugreport. Please 
> reopen if you think a Debian-specific patch could make sense.

Well, I am afraid I do not understand this upstream decision.

I mean: what's the point of socket activation, if the daemon is
automatically re-spawned anyway?
A Debian-specific patch could probably make sense, otherwise countless
users who want socket activation will need to create their (modified)
version of cups.service to be placed into /etc/systemd/system/

Moreover, I think that the documentation in README.Debian.gz is no
longer accurate, as it talks about SystemdIdleExit, which is no longer
supported, and, above all, it says nothing about this Restart=no
directive, which is now needed in order to enable socket activation...

I am reopening the bug report, since, at the very least,
copying /usr/share/doc/cups-daemon/examples/cups-socket.localhost.conf
into /etc/systemd/system/cups.socket.d/ is no longer enough to enable
socket activation. Hence the documentation is outdated, as I said.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.
Thanks for your time and patience!

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