I have released cups-filters 1.20.4 now, with the following changes:

        - README: Added link to Issue Tracker on GitHub.
        - gstoraster: Removed unneeded "if"s. Thanks to Laurent
          Martelli (martellilaurent at gmail dot com) for the patch
          (Ghostscript bug #692705).
        - cups-browsed: When checking whether there is already a local
          print queue with the same URI as the one of the discovered
          printer, consider also as equal URI if the URIs only differ
          by use of IPP or IPPS and/or use of HTTPS port 443 instead
          of IPP port 631.
        - cups-browsed: Also upgrade from ipp: to ipps: when the ipps:
          URI is on HTTPS port 443 instead of IPP port 631. This is
          common on IPP network printers.
        - pdftopdf: Removed support for hardware-implemented reversing
          of page order in PostScript printers. It was once not
          correctly implemented in cups-filters and second, such
          printers are extremely rare, and on Gutenprint PPDs with
          pseudo OutputOrder option hardware reversing was even
          wrongly assumed (Issue #47).
        - pdftopdf: Accept option "output-order=normal/reverse" for
          reversing page order (Issue #47) and also "page-delivery=
          same-order/reverse-order" (CUPS Issue #5340).
        - libcupsfilters: Let the PPD generator add "*PageStackOrder
          ..."  lines to the choices of the "OutputBin" option, to
          mark which output bins need the pages printed in reverse
          order (Issue #47).
        - libcupsfilters: Let the PPD generator correctly create a
          "*DefaultOutputOrder: ..."  entry, depending on whether the
          paper is put out face-up or face-down in the default output
          bin (Issue #47).
        - libcupsfilters: Fixed human-readable name of the OutputBin
          option in the PPD generator.
        - pdftoopvp: Silence compiler warning (Issue #42).
        - cups-browsed: If the user modifies/overwrites a print queue
          created by cups-browsed, it will now not only be
          automatically released from the control of cups-browsed, but
          we also create a replacement for our generated local queue
          under a new name.
        - cups-browsed: Make URIS for using the implicitclass backend
          correctly working also with queue names containing an '@'
        - braille: Strengthen error checking (Pull request #41).
        - braille: Index: Replace bogus characters with space (Pull
          request #41).
        - braille: Add print and braille page number options (Pull
          request #41).
        - braille: Index: Use standard duplex cups option (Pull
          request #41).
        - cups-browsed: Moved auto-generation of PPD file for IPP
          network printers from create_remote_printer_entry()
          function to update_cups_queues(). This allows re-creating
          accidentally removed or overwritten local queues without
          losing the PPD file.
        - braille: Add option to pick hyphenation rule according to
          current locale and make it the default for second
          translation table. Thanks to Samuel Thibault for this patch
          (Pull request #38 and #39).
        - braille: Remove generated defs on "make clean". Thanks to
          Samuel Thibault for this patch (Pull request #38).
        - braille: Turn non-breakable spaces to spaces. Thanks to
          Samuel Thibault for this patch (Pull request #38 and #39).
        - braille: Fix character encoding when extracting text. When
          extracing text from a zip file or a pdf, the resulting text
          is always utf-8 independently of the original locale, so we
          need to force that. Thanks to Samuel Thibault for this patch
          (Pull request #38).
        - braille: Warn when no text translation was selected in case
          the user didn't notice. Thanks to Samuel Thibault for this
          patch (Pull request #37).
        - braille: Fix spurious spacing after last Form-Feed (Pull
          request #45).

Several fixes in cups-browsed to correctly auto-recover accidentally deleted queues, replace externally overwritten queues under a new name, and upgrade to IPPS on network printers also when they provide IPPS on a the HTTPS port 443. Fixes in the PPD generator and pdftopdf filter to handle the page output order correctly on face-up and face-down output trays. Many fixes and improvements on Braille support and many smaller bug fixes.

Please release this on Debian so that it syncs into Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance.


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