Thank you for your report, hpeter.

On Sat 11 Aug 2018 at 18:18:19 +0000, hpeter wrote:

> Package: hplip
> Version: 3.17.10+repack0-5
> Severity: important
> Dear Maintainer,
> Stock or live Debian9.5 LXDE. Running hp-setup to get HP LaserJet 1020 
> working.
>   $ sudo hp-setup -i
>   ...
>   Enter option (d=download*, p=specify path, q=quit) ? d
>   ...
>   Checking for network connection...
>   Downloading plug-in from: 
>   Downloading plug-in: [\  ] 0%
>   Receiving digital keys: /usr/bin/gpg --homedir /root/.hplip/.gnupg 
> --no-permission-warning --keyserver --recv-keys 
> 0x4ABA2F66DBD5A95894910E0673D770CDA59047B9
>   error: Unable to recieve key from keyserver
>   Do you still want to install the plug-in? (y=yes, n=no*, q=quit) ? y

Problems with plug-in installation are always the responsibility of
upstream and we will not deal with them, except to help with advice
on workarounds.

>   ...
>   error: No PPD found for model laserjet_1020 using old algorithm.
>   error: Unable to find an appropriate PPD file.
>   ...
>   error: PPD file required. Setup cannot continue. Exiting.

Never seen this before. The package has all the needed PPDs.

> Running "sudo hp-setup -i" on stock or live Ubuntu 18.04.1 works seamlessly.
> (no keyserver issue, no PPD file issue, prints a page from a pdf as expected)
> Since Ubuntu 18.04 has hplip 3.17, as opposed to 3.16 of Debian 9.5,
> I tried hplip 3.17 with Debian, by changing the apt source to testing,
> and upgraded hplip, together with its dependencies.
> Result is the same.

The Debian and Ubuntu packages are (given an inconsequential Ubuntu tweak
or two) identical. See the changelogs. I do not know where that leaves us.

Upstream is at

Please inform us of the URL of your post if you contact them.

I'd purge and delete everything hplip related and try again from a
terminal. Not having the printer makes testing impossible for us.



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