> Il Sabato 5 Luglio 2014 17:26, Andreas Tille <andr...@an3as.eu> ha scritto:

> > Hi Gianfranco,
> On Sat, Jul 05, 2014 at 10:41:09AM +0100, Gianfranco Costamagna wrote:
>>  Hi Andreas, thanks for doing this!
>>  I propose also to change the maintainer if you think is better, don't 
> know ;)
> IMHO the maintainer should be a team (either Debian Science or Debian
> Python) and it seems reasonable to put the team in charge which is
> owning the VCS where the package is maintained.  Since the package
> technically fits into Python and from content into Science there is no
> clear rule to decide.  The Blends framework can be used in any case.  It
> is no requirement to maintain a package in a certain team.
>>  Anyway I'm looking for a sponsor (I already have a busy one in 
> debian-science),
> Since I think that the package clearly fits into Deban Science Blend I'm 
> fine
> if you would use "Sponsering of Blends":
>   https://wiki.debian.org/DebianPureBlends/SoB
(I changed from python to science for a really good reason: python uses svn and 
science uses git, and I'm a really a git user and supporter :p )

Wonderful, I added a line on that list.
Just some questions:
-I did not create the git on debian-science (I'm not yet accepted by the team), 
but I put the url as it will be if accepted
(in the meanwhile the git is also here 
https://github.com/LocutusOfBorg/pyqtgraph )
-I'm not sure about the field "Link to Web sentinel"...

> One drawback of using Debian Python VCS is that it is not (yet) scanned
> for new packages and thus the package does not yet show up on the
> Science viewing page.  Since I'm aware about this I would not mind about
> this "requirement" of SoB.
>>  and BTW the KGB bots in debian-science are broken (mdtx tried many times to 
> unsuccessfully contact you, so I'm taking the opportunity to make you aware 
> of the problem)
> I was contacted at least twice by somebody (may be mdtx - whoever this
> might be) and I answered in publich to the Debian Med maintainer list (I
> was contacted about Debian Med KGB) that I have no idea what needs to be
> done and I also have currently no time to make up my mind.  I personally
> do not use KGB features and I expect somebody else in the team to do the
> necessary means to fix this.  If this is considered "unsuccessfully
> contact" than yes, this was unsuccessful.  But I have no idea why it
> should be me who should fix each and any piece of infrastructure. B-)
> So please in cases like this contact the team or use the BTS to report
> the problem.

Sorry, I was not so clear, I wrote "unsuccessfully" because the irc user asked 
me many times about your mail, because he wasn't sure he ad the right mail 
For this problem please forget about it, as soon as I'll be accepted on the 
science team (I cannot see the kgb configuration file since I'm not in the 
science group) I'll take care of it. I have already setup this on pkg-boinc, so 
I have little knowledge about the troubleshooting of this stuff.

I would like just ask you if you can forward to me the kgb mail you received, 
just to have a starting point about the problem.

Have a nice sunday,

> Kind regards
>     Andreas.
> -- 
> http://fam-tille.de

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