[Jan-Pascal van Best, 2015-10-07]
> I'd like to join the Debian Python application and modules teams. I'm a
> DM and my Alioth account is janpascal-guest.
> The root cause for this request is the dropping of the denyhosts package
> (a Python package) from Jessie. Once I noticed it was gone, I've worked
> with the previous maintainer and sponsor to get the package back into
> shape. It's now in the NEW queue. See the ITP (1). One of the open bugs
> for denyhosts mentioned that there was no free software synchronisation
> server for denyhosts. See bug#622697 (2). The original author of
> denyhosts also operated the sync server, but does not want to open its
> source, so in cooperation with the new upstream maintainer I wrote a
> AGPL'ed sync server (3). I'm also working on packaging the sync server,
> see ITP (4). There is a dependency of the sync server which is not yet
> in Debian, an ORM library for the Twisted framework: Twistar (5). There
> is also an ITP for it, see (6).
> I've read
> https://python-modules.alioth.debian.org/python-modules-policy.html and
> http://python-apps.alioth.debian.org/policy.html and I accept both.
> I've been involved in Debian for around ten years, working first on Java
> packages (lucene2, commons-csv). Later on some PHP work
> (php-net-nntp,spotweb) and lately Python, as described above.
> I look forwarded to working with you on Python packaging. If I'm
> accepted into the team, I'll upload the packaging work up to now to

oh, best join request so far! You read the policy (!), you signed your
mail, you pointed us to your previous work and you have history of
contributions (and DM status, so no worry you will break our machines,
at least not on purpose)

I'd wait 2 or 3 more days in case someone
complains and hit the "add" button immediately...

> Alioth. Since I  haven't used subversion in years, I've taken the
> liberty to use git, gbp and git-dpm as described in Python GitPackaging (7).

but I'll wait till the git transition is over. sorry
evil Piotr

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