On Dec 03, 2015, at 08:45 AM, Edward Betts wrote:

>I've packaged a vim plugin that provides live code checking for Python 2 and 3
>using pyflakes.

Speaking of vim, some work needs to be done along the port-to-Python-3 path.
I think vim still only builds against Python 2.  As part of this issue:


I submitted a (probably out-of-date) patch to enable Python 3, but the Debian
maintainer has some valid concerns.  I'm not a vim user so I really don't know
how people expect vim+Python to work, and whether it's actually feasible to
selectively enable Python 2 or Python 3 support.  Ideally (from a Python 3
p.o.v.) it would be possible to ship vim and not require any Python 2 to be
installed by default.

If you're a vim and Python fan, please take a look at the above issue and any
help you can provide to move this forward would be greatly appreciated.


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