[Donald Stufft, 2016-01-23]
> setuptools *is* the build system right now (or distutils if you’re still using
> that). So the benefit to Debian right now would be: We maintain the
> distutils/setuptools hacks to make them suck less so you don’t have to!

will pip allow me to:
a) clean source dir (remove built files, etc.; setup.py clean ...),
b) configure the program (setup.py config ...),
c) build extensions, etc., without installing them (setup.py build ...)
   (in a dir I want or can easily guess, not one with a ~random name or
   the same for all interpreters/versions with overwritten files),
d) test what's produced in previous step (setup.py test with a ton of hacks),
e) install already built files (setup.py install --root)
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