Together with a few colleagues I maintain the “Kwant” [1] Python package
for computational quantum physics.  Our library is quite popular: since
its release in late 2013 it has been used for the preparation of at
least 60 scientifc papers by people all over the world.  It’s also used
by many more people who do not (yet) publish, for example students.

Is this enough to motivate the addition of Kwant to Debian?

I maintain Debian packages of Kwant in a dedicated repository, as well
as an Ubuntu PPA, but I think it would be cool if Kwant could enter
Debian proper.  Would anyone volunteer to sponsor/mentor it?

The git repositories of the Debian packages for Kwant and Tinyarray (a
library that is a dependency) can be found here: [2] [3]


[1] http://kwant-project.org/
[2] https://gitlab.kwant-project.org/kwant/debian-kwant
[3] https://gitlab.kwant-project.org/kwant/debian-tinyarray

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