On 2016-03-02 11:22:52 +0800 (+0800), Paul Wise wrote:
> One of the things it has checks for is Python. So far it runs pyflakes
> and pep8 and a few hacky greps for some things that shouldn't be done
> in Python in my experience.

The "flake8" framework basically incorporates the pyflakes and pep8
analyzers along with a code complexity checker, and provides a
useful mechanism for controlling their behavior in a consistent
manner as well as pluggability to add your own:


One flake8 plug-in which came out of the OpenStack developer
community is "hacking" (obviously not for every project, but an
interesting reference example of layering in your own style checks):


Another output of the OpenStack community is "bandit," a security
analyzer for Python code:


Some other interesting analyzers not yet packaged for Debian as far
as I can tell include "pep257" (a Python docstring checker) and
"clonedigger" (a DRYness checker).


I can probably think up more that I've used, but the above rise to
the top of my list.
Jeremy Stanley

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