On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 11:10:57AM +0000, Edward Betts wrote:
> The pep8 python module has moved from the pep8 package to python-pep8.
> See https://tracker.debian.org/news/752214
> /usr/bin/pep8 is still in the pep8 package but now uses python3-pep8
> There are 32 packages with a Build-Depends on pep8. These packages usually
> make use of pep8 in their test suites. Many of them will need to be updated to
> use python-pep8 instead.
> Here is the list of packages with a Build-Depends on pep8.
>   actdiag aptdaemon autopkgtest
>   backup2swift blockdiag botch breadability byobu
>   cloud-init custodia
>   d-feet dirspec django-sekizai
>   fuzzywuzzy
>   genbackupdata
>   nwdiag
>   obnam ovirt-guest-agent
>   prospector pygobject python-apt python-cliapp python-flake8 python-netlib 
> python-ttystatus
>   seqdiag shortuuid ssh-import-id summain swiftsc syslog-ng
>   xcffib
> I checked a few of these, in detail:
>  - fix for fuzzywuzzy uploaded
>  - bug filed for blockdiag

#817789 — those are FTBFS bugs, they should be severity:serious.

>  - fix for django-sekizai pushed to git, e-mailed uploaders
> I checked python-ttystatus and obnam. I found they use /usr/bin/pep8 instead 
> of
> importing the pep8 module, so they don't need updating.
> More examples of pep8 use here:
>     https://codesearch.debian.net/results/import%20pep8

If I were you I'd just file bugs for all of them that now FTBFS.
For easy checking whether a package now fails to build you can just
check the status in reproducible.debian.net/$pkg, I think most (if not
all) of them have already been rebuilt in the meantime.

Unfortunately the only packages maintained by DPMT are
whilst the only one by PAPT is prospector.  (information obtained by
So I'm sorry there are no good chances of fixing those by just mailing
d-python@, you really need to file bugs for them all (if most were
maintained in the python teams somebody could have gone through them and
fixing them in little time).

But be assured, if you don't do that yourself somebody else will do them
in one of the several efforts/projects that involves rebuilding
packages and checking they don't FTBFS :)

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