Hello dear All.

I'd like to package python app ofxstatement (converter of various csv
bank statement formats to ofx https://github.com/kedder/ofxstatement)
and bunch of plugins for this app.

Every plugin is just a small parser class which is called from
ofxstatement, parses input file and pass data back to main app. These
plugins are developed independently by various people who publish them
in separate repositories (mostly on github).

I decided to package ofxstatement as separate package, but put all
plugins in one package oxfstatement-plugins.

I'm not skilled in distributing python apps and packaging python
apps into .deb, so I'd like to get some review and feedback from the
community before upload to archive.

ofxstatement itself:
https://github.com/gerasiov/ofxstatement (branch debian)


PS Please CC me, I'm not on the list.

Best regards,
 Alexander Gerasiov

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