On 2016-08-18 at 22:27:42 +0000, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> FYI: no need to explicitly CC d-mentors@, RFSes are somehow sent there
> anyway.


> This is DPMT, where the usage of git is mandated, so I expect the git
> repository to match the generated .dsc (hence I'm ignoring mentors here)

it does (hopefully) match, yes 

> A few small things I'd like to see:
> * you email address in d/copyright

added in git

> * Files-Excluded in d/copyright doesn't list all the files that are
>   removed (at least according to `git diff --stat
>   upstream/0.9..upstream/0.9+ds0`)
>   besides, wrapping that list might not be a bad idea

Uhm, I used uscan to remove the files, so nothing that wasn't listed was

Do you mean that I should explicitely list all of the content of the
directory ``codicefiscale.egg-info``, instead of just listing the

> * Also would be nice to see Build-Depends wrap-and-sort'ed

done in git

> * python3-codicefiscale uses ${python:Depends} instead of
>   ${python3:Depends}

uooops, fixed in git

> * why do you disable the tests?  (a comment on d/rules might not be a
>   bad idea here either)
>   + I see setup.py lists non-existant tests, if that's the issue maybe
>     you can get that tests= arg removed (or the actual tests included)
>     upstream?

That's exactly the issue, I've added a comment with a pointer to 

> * in d/watch, you dversionmangle '.ds0' away, but you're using '+ds0'
>   actually, so it's not actually mangling anything

I hate single character typos, fixed in git (it appeared to work in
practice, but only because of versions ordering)

> * just quickly skimming over the README, I think it would make sense to
>   include in the binaries, as it provides quick documentation (I think)

yes, it does, you're right (added in git)

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