I have packaged GladTeX 2.1 from <https://humenda.github.io/GladTeX>:

 GladTeX is a preprocessor that enables the use of LaTeX equations within HTML
 files. The equations, embedded in <EQ>...</EQ> tags, as if within $$..$$ in
 LaTeX, is fed through LaTeX and replaced by images.
 Additionally all images get an alt-tag for alternative texts that contains the
 LaTeX-equivalent of the image. This is handy for text-mode browsers or blind
 people using a screen reader.

It builds the binary packages python3-gleetex and gladtex and has been checked 
to be
lintian-clean. It also builds fine in a clean pbuilder chroot.
It would be great if you could have a look and upload the package, if
everything is as expected.

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