Hello Andreas,

(tl;dr: all fixed, please build and upload).

On Thu, Nov 17, 2016 at 04:45:51PM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
> While I have fixed the clean target in Git to make the build start at
> all [...]

Thanks for the fix. It does not solve the whole issue of the clean
target (that's an open TODO point in the package -- upstream seems to do
its 2to3 in clean), but it does ensure double-buildability again.

> [...] there is one remaining unit test error:
> ...
> No SPARQL endpoint for SPARQLUpdateStore (tests skipped)
> Exception: RDFa parsing Error! __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 
> 'encoding'
> Any idea?

Now yes: there is a circular build dependency I did not catch, and an
already troublesome test case selected the old (installed) version,
which didn't show up in my cowbuilder tests as I needed local repos back
then to satisfy the sparqlwrapper build dependency.

A fix (disabling the offending tests) is in place until I've worked out
how this should run properly with upstream; it's still a circular
build-dep to be fixed, but as long as there are RC bugs open, I'd like
to get the basics done first and then do the shining.

The debian branch (5c368a6433a3d) contains a cowbuilder-building and
working version; please sponsor that as an upload.

> PS: If you need help to make the repository DPMT compliant I'd volunteer to
>     take over this task if you want me to do so.

Thanks, but unless you plan to do more on the package where the lack of
DPMT configuration would be hindering to you, I'd like to use that
package to practice git-dpm and to practically implement DPMT policy;
I'd be happy to have the result of that reviewed, though, when bringing
the package into the team.

Best regards

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