> == Deprecate Python 2 ==
> Lintian checks for python 2 only packages
> Lintian checks for /usr/bin/python2? shebangs

please dont (as in "favor python3" but dont actively discourage
python2 development/packaging), see below

> == python 2.7s future ==
> Buster *may* be the last Debian release with Python 2.x. Maybe drop it into
> unstable-only, after that?
> Stefano is sceptical :P
> Fedora expects to be shipping 2.7 for a long while still.

if we plan (and it looks like we do) to support and distribute 2.7
with buster, why not support it *properly*? what's the point of
deprecating python2.7? either we ship it or not, but if we do then
let's not cripple it by removing python2 modules packages. do yo think
that just because the module i want to use is not available will make
realize "oh sh*t, let's migrate this 50k lines of code application to
py3k so that i can implement this 5-minutes-of-work-funcionality if i
had the module on py2"?

the lintian check *currently* in place (discouraging to introduce py2
packages) is making more harm than good: it's easy to add a py2
package when you're packaging a new source module, it's a lot harder
(and impossible when you need that module in stable, unless you what
to use backports) once the package is already in the archive.

I'm happy that you work in a place where there are so few legacy
projects still on python2, and that you have some much time to migrate
them to py3k in a timely fashion; on the contrary, in many other
businesses, this is a long process, often requiring re-engineering and
a long trial-and-error phase to replace existing working py2 code with
py3k. Even more often, you just add functionalities to the old code
and move on to the next task: simply not providing py2 modules will
only frustrate our users (for example, me) and will force them to...
what's the solution here for a stable release? pip install the missing
deps? wow

sorry, just my 2c

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