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> > statsmodels is maintained by Debian science team
> > (https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/statsmodels) so i suggest to contact
> > them directly (CCed them here)
> yeap -- would be lovely to have python3 build... debian/rules is quite
> ad-hoc/elaborate but somewhat inline with how things are done for pandas
> as well... I might look into it at some point (but not within upcoming 2
> weeks) but would even more appreciate help from the team mates or
> outside contributors ;)
I do not have enough know how to package it but it is a very useful package
to do ols analysis. For now I installed conda which has this for python3.

Also, what is the rationale for keeping this under debian-science instead
of moving to say debian-python? Having all python packages in one team
would make it more easy to collaborate?


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