thanks for taking the lead.

On 2018-02-08 15:16, Ondrej Novy wrote:
> But I don't think all DD are masters in our team. This is true only
> for 'Debian' team. Even if you are DD, you need to join team or
> subteam to have commit access to it.

i think this is true.
at least i had to request membership explicitely for all teams but
"debian" (fka "collab-maint"),

> I disabled "request to join" feature. To join DPMT/PAPT you need to send
> email to debian-python and agree with policy. We already ignored alioth
> join requests.
> maybe we can cleanup member list and don't do migration at all. So
> require explicit request to join. I don't have to process it.

i'm confused.
how do i become member of the salsa group?
automatically, by taking the alioth group?
manually, by re-requesting access (to cleanup the team of those who no
longer have interest in the team)?
will DDs and guest accounts be handled differently?
do i have to send a formal email to request membership *again*?


PS: there's numerous scripts out their to help the migration.
here's the one i was using to migrate the Pd-packages into the
multimedia-team/pd/ subgroup (and is based on the script that migrated
the remaining ~400 packages for the multimedia-team without subgroups).
it automatically registers email-notifications (via tracker.d.o) and
pending-uploads tags, and (by default) irker notifications.
it has a number of options.

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