Joseph Herlant:
> Hi,
> I've seen that there are some SVN repositories for PAPT on alioth and
> I was wondering if you'd want help to move them to Salsa.
> I'm familiar with the procedure to transfert a repo from svn to git
> without loosing the tags, commits, branches, etc and I can do some on
> my spare time if it helps.
> Best,
> Joseph

Thanks for stepping up!  I'm excited to see all this motion towards
gitlab in Debian.  I'm one of the main devs of F-Droid.  A couple of
years ago, F-Droid moved to gitlab.  gitlab-ci has been a hugely
valuable tool, and the visibility and comfort of the github/gitlab user
experience to so many devs seems to have made F-Droid a lot more
visible, and we get a lot more contributions now.


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