[Matthias Klose, 2018-05-17]
> PEP 394 [1] saw an update in April 2018 [2], the diffs at [3].
> The most important change from my point of view is
> -* It is suggested that even distribution-specific packages follow the
> -  ``python2``/``python3`` convention, even in code that is not intended to
> +* It is strongly encouraged that distribution-specific packages use 
> ``python2``
> +  or ``python3`` rather than ``python``, even in code that is not intended to
>    operate on other distributions.

FTR: the day this PEP asks us to point /usr/bin/python to python3 is the
day I start ignoring it, to say the least.

> I don't think there is enough time to replace all python shebangs to python2 
> in
> time for the buster release, however there is no harm in starting this process
> now.

too late, this process has already started (since dh_python2 v3.20180313) ;-P

> But I'd like to get this done for buster+1, in the case we still need to
> ship a Python2/2.7, so that buster+1 doesn't ship with a python command, but
> maybe with a python2 command.

we already ship /usr/bin/python2. Removing /usr/bin/python makes sense
as well (administrators can symlink it to whatever they want once it's
gone from Debian), but...

> The first step is to create a set of python2* packages in python-defaults, 
> with
> contain all the python2* symlinks, and having the python* packages depend on
> those python2 packages.  This change itself is a no-op and shouldn't affect
> anything.
> As a second step change the dh_python2 (in python-defaults), and dh-python to
> generate dependencies on python2 instead of python, and replacing the shebang
> from python to python2.
> This should cover the majority of packages to replace dependencies on python
> with dependencies on python2.  There are packages which don't check for 
> python2,
> so these probably need adjustments.  But again, the goal for buster+1 is to 
> ship
> as few Python2 dependent packages as possible, if any.

this is useless. What will we gain by renaming packages?

I refuse to do that work!

The only message it sends is that we don't think /usr/bin/python or
python package is Python 2.7 anymore and that's definitely not the
message I want to send.

> The third step for buster+1 would be to drop the set of python* packages from
> python-defaults.

if we manage to remove Python 2.7 from Buster+1, all python-* packages¹
will be gone, including python-defaults so why additional work?

[¹] without -doc packages
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