[Matthias Klose, 2018-06-08]
> from my point of view this doesn't address:
>  - being able to de-install the python command for buster, if
>    people don't use it.  Most dependencies are auto-generated, so
>    these could be replaced by dependencies on python2. I would
>    assume that the majority of users won't have to install the
>    python package anymore, unless they are doing python2
>    development.

how about generating dependencies on python2.7 and moving
pycompile/pyclean there as well (this also solves pre-dependency issue)

>  - Not having a python package in bullseye (buster+1), but a
>    python2 package doesn't point to any "default" anymore. Many
>    users are installing just python, because it's the unversioned
>    package.  So make it clear that this is another version, and
>    with having the choice of python2 and python3, most users will
>    install python3.

same here

additional question: why do you need for all that python2-doc,
python2-minimal, python2-dev, libpython2-dev, libpython2-stdlib,
python2-dbg and libpython2-dbg binary packages?
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