On 05.11.18 10:32, Matthias Klose wrote:
> On 05.11.18 09:17, Michael Hudson-Doyle wrote:
>> On Mon, 5 Nov 2018 at 21:09, Thomas Goirand <z...@debian.org> wrote:
>>> Hi there!
>>> During Debconf, we decided we would not decide yet, and see in November
>>> if we think it's reasonable to allow Python 3.7 to reach Buster. Time
>>> has passed, RC bugs have been fixed, and now is probably the time to
>>> open this thread.
>>> To me, as much as the OpenStack packages are concerned, I'm kind of fine
>>> with 3.7, modulo fixing this bug in Glance:
>>> https://bugs.debian.org/911947
>>> which I forwarded here:
>>> https://bugs.launchpad.net/glance/+bug/1800601
>>> It looks like this bug is 3.7.1 specific (ie: there's no bug if using
>>> Python 3.7.0). Upstream had a look, and didn't find a way to fix (yet).
>>> Help appreciated.
>> I commented on the bug.
>>> It looks like everything else in OpenStack works.
>>> What is the situation for other packages? Do we have lots of Python 3.7
>>> problems remaining? If so, it'd be nice to have them listed somewhere,
>>> so we have a clear picture of what's going on.
>> We're going through the process of switching to 3.7 as default in Ubuntu
>> right now, so I think it makes sense to switch Debian too fairly soon. I'm
>> trying to remember to attach all my patches to Debian bug reports...
> in Ubuntu, we were able to migrate it (equivalent to the unstable -> testing
> migration) with 3.7 as the default.  We are in progress removing 3.6 as
> supported, which exposed some autopkg test regressions which are currently
> worked on. See
> http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#python3-defaults
>> Cheers,
>> mwh
>> Do other fellow DD also think it's kind of ok to keep 3.7 in Buster?
>>> Also, Doko, do you plan on upgrading to newer point release? Python
>>> 3.7.1-rc1 and 3.7.1 both were the cause of troubles for me. I just hope
>>> this wont happen again (though I'd understand if you wished to upgrade
>>> once more before the freeze). In any ways, it'd be nice to communicate
>>> what you're planning on doing.
> I'm in favor of going with 3.7, and would like to update to the current 3.7
> release branch at freeze, and then to 3.7.2 later, expected in January.

fyi, the release team accepted the transition, and 3.7 should arrive as the
default in unstable very soonish.

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