Hello python-people,

I need to package django-rest-framework-filters in order to make lava
(hardware test framework) work nicely in debian. 

I found https://wiki.debian.org/Python/GitPackaging which seems very helpful

That seems to say to just start a project on salsa, but I thought I'd
better ask here if that was right, as this seems to imply that the
debian python modules team would then be adopting this?

I've done very little python packaging so advice on best approach is
very welcome. Is there a dh_make-alike for python, or should I base
the packing on something related, like djangorestframework-*/drf-*?

And it looks like it should be called src:drf-filters
binary:python3-djangoresetframework-filters to fit in with naming
conventions of related packages/python team (even though upstream is
'django-rest-framework-filters'). Right?

Also related: I've updated drf-extensions to 0.4 (from the current
0.3.1), as that is needed for lava, and fixes

What I'm not quite sure about is if there is any reason _not_ to
update this package. It has no reverse dependencies so I presume this
is a good idea and I should just get on with it? would a 10-day NMU be
appropriate? I have another mostly written-mail with details of what I
did, whcih I'll send shortly, but it's pretty uncontroversial.

Cheers for any pointers.

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