[Scott Kitterman, 2018-11-29]
> dh-python already doesn't use upstream version requirements when 
> automatically 
> extracting dependencies, so you have to check those yourself regardless of 
> how 
> you do it.  This design decision was based on generally poor experiences with 
> the accuracy of upstream version descriptions (using exact version 
> requirements is very common in the upstream Python community and that 
> generally isn't supportable in Debian).

actually dh_python{2,3} extracts it, but only if package maintainer of
given module claims it is sane (via PEP386 tag in pydist file)

f.e. I consider Mako's versioning sane, so I added PEP386 tag to pydist
file in src:mako and now all packages that have "Mako>=1.0.3" in setup.py's
install_requires AKA requires.txt (do not confuse with requirements.txt)
will get the dependency.

Another way to get versioned dependency is to add version restriction in
Build-Depends (but that has to be updated each time upstream changes it,
it needs to be done for build tests anyway). This is only a bit better
than hardcoding it in Depends, though.

Note that it doesn't cover the "I tested it with latest Mako so lets
require latest one in install_requires" case, so I'm not promoting
PEP386 that much (IMO package maintainers have to translate minimum
required versions into proper Build-Depends dependencies by hand for
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