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On Fri, Feb 08, 2019 at 11:52:55AM +0100, Andreas Noteng wrote:
>    Hello, I am a DM who have not been active for a few years, but I can still
>    se my name in the list of DMs. Now coming back I see that quite a few
>    things have changed. Most noteably our packages has moved to GIT it seems.
>    Looks like I don't have access to this new host. How would I proceed to
>    gain access and update my long neglected packages?
>    My alioth username was anoteng-guest
>    --
>    Andreas Noteng

I'm a *very* recent member to the team, but:

Off the topic of my head, you'll need to check that your unexpired gpg
key is still on the DM keyring, register for a salsa account
(presumably anoteng-guest), read and accept both
and also read & accept relevant pages on the wiki such as

Then send an email to this list with your salsa account name, the list
of your team-maintained packages, mention you confirmed your GPG key
is up-to-date on the DM keyring, and say that you read accepted those
articles on team standards.  Oh, that email is to request that
anoteng-guest be added to the salsa team.

P.S. Everyone is super busy right now, so I would anticipate a long
delay for a reply...but maybe not :-)


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