Hi all,

I'm building deb packages for our software suite "obspy"
(https://github.com/obspy/obspy) for distribution on our own apt server
(http://deb.obspy.org/). I'm doing this in docker images for all the
DebUntu distros that are not EOL.

My packaging efforts surely are not the most sophisticated and pretty
hacky but so far it worked.. but with the new Ubuntu cosmic the build is
starting to fail because non-python (data) files are not included anymore.

Have there been any recent changes in dh-python or pybuild that could be
responsible for this?


P.S.: Deb building can be triggered getting our github repo on master
branch, going to folder obspy/misc/docker and calling..
./package_debs.sh -tmegies:deb_1.1.0 ubuntu_18_10_cosmic  # doesnt work
./package_debs.sh -tmegies:deb_1.1.0 ubuntu_18_04_bionic  # works
(needs docker installed, more info here:

P.P.S.: The reason why I didn't include our package to the main Debian
Python pipeline is that we kind of want to provide new deb packages for
all distros on new obspy version releases..

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