Sorry, my mistake, the name of the package is python-xrayutilities !*

The routine I had to upgrade this package was :

 - gbp clone

Then go into the folder that have been created : cd python-xrayutilities

 - gbp import-orig --uscan --pristine-tar
 - gbp dch -a

Solve conflicts

Edit d/changelog


And run :

 -  dgit sbuild : This command creates the error in the previous mail.

Dgit then advice me to run : 

 - git diff 6d8103f84ac364be0fb53f7ceb8748b0d5ee63da HEAD -- :/ ':!debian' 
':!/.gitignore' ':!*/.gitignore'

And this is the command that shows the additions and deletions that I pasted to 

I don't know if it's clearer, but I hope it is !

Thanks for your time,

Alexandre Marie
De : Andrey Rahmatullin []
Envoyé : vendredi 22 février 2019 15:03
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Objet : Re: xRayUtilities Package

Telling us the commands you used to get to this stage would be helpful, I
think. Right now it's only clear that the listed files are different in
the upstream and in the master branches, but dgit already told you that.
Also, what is the package name? "apt search xrayutilities" returns nothing
for me.


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