On Fri, 9 Aug 2019, Graham Inggs wrote:

However, there's one package that seems like it is going to cause a
problem.  I uploaded pytest-xdist 1.29.0-1, which *requires* pytest 4, so
pytest-xdist won't migrate to testing until pytest 4 does.  On the other
hand, pytest 4 won't migrate to testing until all its autopkgtest failures
(which include pytest-xdist) clear (right?).  So it seems we have a loop
here.  How do we resolve it?

I believe the solutions is for python-pytest and python3-pytest to add
Breaks: python-pytest-xdist (<< 1.29.0-1~)
Breaks: python3-pytest-xdist (<< 1.29.0-1~)

Thanks. As an aside, what does the tilde at the end of the version number mean? I have seen that in control files before, but I've been unable to find anything in the documentation about it.


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