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>This tells "instance_type: g1-small", which doesn't match any name at:
>Am I right that this is n1-standard-1, which is 1 VCPU and 3.75 GB?

Nop, this is incorrect you're looking for this


>Since we're talking about the smallest type of instance possible at
>google, then other people may have experience the lack of RAM for sure.

g1-small are not the smallest but problem with them is that those are shared 
CPU with 1.7GB of ram.

I agree that this is not suitable for heavy build packages.

I personally would hope that packages build by salsa are throw away and are 
just for testing then source is uploaded and they are rebuild by buildd's in 
such case there would be no need for root or any other heavy handed management 
of those.
But as some people already stated there is not much info from salsa team about 
their plans in this regard.

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