pylint3 is now a cruft package, however it still has a fair few reverse 
dependencies, from
* source package pylint version 2.2.2-4 no longer builds
   binary package(s): pylint3
   on all
   - suggested command:
     dak rm -m "[auto-cruft] NBS (no longer built by pylint)" -s unstable -a 
all -p -R -b pylint3
   - broken Depends:
     prospector: prospector
     pylint-celery: python3-pylint-celery
     pylint-common: python3-pylint-common
     pylint-django: python3-pylint-django
     pylint-plugin-utils: python3-pylint-plugin-utils
     pytest-pylint: python3-pytest-pylint
     salt-pylint: python3-saltpylint
     thonny: thonny
   - broken Build-Depends:
     backblaze-b2: pylint3 (>= 1.4.5)
     custodia: pylint3
     devscripts: pylint3
     duplicity: pylint3
     gnome-keysign: pylint3
     ionit: pylint3
     knack: pylint3
     pathspider: pylint3
     prospector: pylint3 (>= 1.5.6)
     pylint-celery: pylint3
     pylint-common: pylint3
     pylint-django: pylint3 (>= 2.0)
     pylint-flask: pylint3
     pytest-pylint: pylint3
     python-stetl: pylint3
     python-trio: pylint3
     python-ttystatus: pylint3
     ranger: pylint3
     salt-pylint: pylint3
     thonny: pylint3
     uranium: pylint3
     vmdb2: pylint3

Are there plans to deal with this centrally or should bugs be filed against all 
the reverse dependencies.

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