python-cachetools provides modules for Python2 and Python3.

The Python2 module as two reverse dependencies, both with low installed
    python-cachetools:      302
    mopidy-podcast:         109
    mopidy-internetarchive:  95

This would nevertheless be a case for the "py2keep", right?

Would this also be the case if python-cachetools itself had a lower
popcon, say 50? Or is any form of dependency a case for "py2keep"?

Furthermore, the instructions in the Python2 removal request #937627 say:
> Also any dependencies on an unversioned python package (python,
> python-dev) must not be used, same with the python shebang.  These
> have to be replaced by python2/python2.7 dependencies and shebang.

The binary package has versioned dependencies generating during the
build process, so there is nothing else to do, right?


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