It seems I need to discuss here before adding followings.

| Package: src:getmail
| Version: 5.13-1
| Severity: normal
| Tags: sid bullseye
| User: debian-python@lists.debian.org
| Usertags: py2keep

Upstream is active and prides to keep python 2.5 compatibility code in
it ... (Not just 2.7).  I (Osamu Aoki <os...@debian.org>) and dkg even
made some effort to support both 2 and 3 but the idea was rejected by
upstream in 2018.  (Then we both lost motivation since upstream will not
include such code in near future)

The upstream is somehow convinced that python2 will be there for some
time (Year ~2020 and later).
| > Python2 will be EOL after 2020.
| [...]
| > But, if getmail stays as python2 code, many distros have no choice but
| > to drop getmail sometime after 2020.
| Uh, no, they won't.  Python 2 may stop *development*, but it doesn't magically
| stop working in 2020.  I fully expect distros will keep shipping Python 2 for
| years after that, and undoubtedly there will still be lots of Python 2 code
| in the world running in 2030 and later.

The related binary packages are available in 2 binary names (depending on 
 getmail4 (version=4,5) popcon installed ~2000
 getmail  (version=3,5) popcon installed ~1000


I think this qualifies for "py2keep".

The next upload of new upstream 5.14 should update dependency etc to
python2 instead of bare python.

If Debian and Fedora demonstrate its python3 removal, I am sure the
upstream may change his thought.  If you have some progress indicator,
that can be used to convince getmail upstream.  I or dkg need a solid
fact to restart conversation with the upstream.



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