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> Hi Sandro,
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> > We are going to raise the severity of the py2removal bugs to "serious" in 
> > several steps.  In the
> > first phase we are going to raise severity of the py2removal bugs for
> > all leaf module packages and low popcon (< 300) application packages.
> > Bugs marked with the "py2keep" user tag will not have their severity
> > raised.
> is there any progress with script from your site please? First we need list 
> to check. Thanks a lot.

where is the first draft:
http://sandrotosi.me/debian/py2removal/would_raise_to_rc.txt (it will
be updated every time the script runs)

there are 703 unique severity bumps roughly half of the pending bugs.
please note there are duplicates in the list as data is per binary
package, while bugs are on a source package basis.

you can read the heuristic to determine if it's a module
or and app 
in the links, they are pretty weak, is there a better way?

all in all i think this is not the effect people were expecting: there
are too many packages that would become RC-buggy; also the severity
bump is done at the source package level, even if only a single binary
in the pkg set matches the criteria (which, if you read the request
above, it is what's wanted).

Let me know what you think,
Sandro "morph" Tosi
My website: http://sandrotosi.me/
Me at Debian: http://wiki.debian.org/SandroTosi
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sandrotosi

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