Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Package name    : python-fissix
Version         : 19.2b1
Upstream Author : John Reese <>
URL             :
License         : PSF
Programming Lang: Python
Description     : backport of lib2to3, supporting the latest Python3 grammars, 
with enhancements

Fissix is a backport of lib2to3, a CST (concrete syntax tree)
implementation, that supports various features and grammars that are
more up-to-date than the latest upstream CPython version.  It is the
parser that Bowler uses to make safe, large scale code modifications
and smart refactoring.  It supports source written in both Python 2
and 3.

As noted Fissix is a dependency of Bowler, and I am packaging Bowler
because Rope isn't well maintained upstream, because Parso/Jedi do not
yet support refactoring, and because Elpy (the Emacs Python IDE) has
been hoping to move away from Rope for many years now.

I plan to maintain it on the DPMT, I will need a sponsor for the
initial upload, and I would very much appreciate a co-maintainer who
has advanced Python expertise!


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