Sandro Tosi <mo...@debian.org> writes:

> Hello everyone,
> i'd like to discuss the future of Trac in Debian. as we all know, Trac
> is still python2, and while there are plans to port it to python3
> (https://trac.edgewall.org/ticket/12130) that port is not there yet,
> and it may take quite some time to reach a state it can be tested, let
> alone released.
> What should we do in the meantime? bin:trac has 30 reverse
> dependencies (its plugins/addons) and all of them collectively are
> likely forceing several other python2 packages to stay in Debian
> because they depend on them.
> I know it may sound hard, but is it now time to remove trac from
> Debian, and ideally re-introduce it back when it's being ported to
> py3k?

At that upstream issue gwync writes that he might have to drop Trac in
Fedora if there isn't a py3 test release "before Fedora 32 is GA".  I'm
not sure what "GA" means, but given their release schedule here:


and it looks like they'll be dropping py2 on 2020-01-01, and thus Trac.

IMHO one of the Debian Trac uploaders should post to the #12130 Trac
ticket informing them of our plan.  Is there a concrete plan yet? eg:

  We intend to remove Python 2 from Debian by 31 January, and
  because we are a conservative and slow moving distribution we are
  slowly working are way through thousands of application dependency
  chains to remove applications that do not support Python 3, rather
  than breaking everything at once by simply removing the interpreter on
  New Year's Day.  If we were not removing packages now we could not
  meet this objective.
  We would like to continue distribute Software-X in Debian, so is there
  a Python 3 port we can package that is ready for testing today?


Which is to say, I think the question of "remove now" is contingent on
that question.  If there is zero hope of a py3 port in a testable state
by py2 EOL, then it's ok to drop now, but we need to do more to maintain
good relationships with upstreams.


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