Hey debian python team

We currently have a few merge requests open:

== tools ==

Count: 6


== papt ==

Count: 8


== dpmt ==

Count: 31


I merged a bunch of trivial ones yesterday, but even then it seems like
we have some problems which might need some update in our policy in
dealing with merge requests.

I noticed that one MR fixed some typos but did it in the upstream source
directly, which isn't all that useful to us.

For other MRs, I noticed that many small changes in the packaging didn't
have an associated changelog entry with it, so I had to dch to add a
changelog entry. I think for small changes I'd prefer the person who
submits the MR to add them. For larger ones it probably makes sense not
to do that since it might take longer.

Any suggestions? How about we draft some MR policy in gobby and get it
added to the PAPT/DPMT policies?


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