Hi Fabrice,

Fabrice BAUZAC-STEHLY <n...@mykolab.com> writes:

> Hello Daniele,
> Daniele Tricoli writes:
>> Please next time can you assign it to me? I should reveive some sort of
>> notification I hope! :)
> Sure, will do.
> I have updated the merge request.
> For d/changelog, I used "debchange -i" which for some reason chose
> "2.22.0-2.1", I've changed it to "2.22.0-3" as it seems to better match
> the existing practice.

Debchange/dch chooses upstream_version-x.y (NMU Debian revision) when
one's email address is in neither the Maintainer nor the Uploaders
fields.  Dch --team will do the right thing for the Debian revision;
that said, the "* Team upload" line it generates shouldn't be used if
one of the Uploaders (or Maintainer for weak team attributed package)
will be finalising the changelog and uploading.  'no idea whether or not
that's the case here, btw.

I've filed #947961 against devscripts in the hopes that someone will
enhance dch's behaviour for team-maintained packages.

> Thanks a lot and a happy new year!

Thank you, happy New Year to you too! :-D


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