There's another kind of issue
Yeah, sadly the transition tracker only looks at unstable, so packages that are 
fixed in unstable but haven't migrated to testing for some reason won't show up.
; here is an example :

- sagemath builds only for Python 3.7, so some of this subpackages
don't load under Python 3.8 :

- which means that for brial, autopkgtest fails :

Looking at brial, it seems python3-brial should technically have a dependency 
on sagemath, but this dependency is omitted for bootstrapping reasons .

I haven't found the time to investigate things further in sagemath ; I
was wondering if I wouldn't disable the Python 3.8 test in brial... not
I would think the autopkgtest should probably check somehow what versions of 
python3 sagemath supports and test against those, rather than having a 
hardcoded whitelist/blacklist.

Afaict until sagemath makes it back into testing ( currently blocked by ), having a brial 
package in testing is pretty pointless.

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