On 2/11/20 9:51 AM, Thomas Goirand wrote:
On 2/9/20 3:12 PM, Adam Cecile wrote:
Hello Debian-Python,

I have a couple of package ready on Salsa but my RFS sent here remained

So I'm asking again for your help again ! Here is a list of package
waiting for uploads:






Thanks in advance,

Regards, Adam.
Hi Adam,

I've built and uploaded python-cassandra-driver. Thanks for your
contribution to Debian. Do you still need sponsoring for the above?

Also, thanks a lot for your work on megacli packaging, it's very useful.
However, I haven't found the matching source packages. Do you also think
it'd be possible to push these into the non-free repository of Debian?
Do you even have some sources from upstream, or only binaries? I very
much need this for my work (we use Dell LSI hardware RAID a lot), and my
colleagues would love to have this through the official channel, rather
than from your unofficial repository. Your thoughts?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

Hello Thomas,

It seems the package got rejected because I'm building an additional package (doc one). Anyway, please wait a bit I'll fix a couple of minor issues spotted by Onovy and we'll ask for an uploaded again.

I'll also need sponsorship for others package but just like cassandra, I'll fix a few things first.

Regarding megacli, no sources it's 100% proprietary tool from LSI and the license clearly state it's forbidden to redistribute by 3rd parties. But the hwraid repo is kinda popular and I never got any complaint by LSI because I think they understood it's useful and needed by their users.

Bringing the package into the archive would be doable, if someone get legal contacts at LSI and asked for official statement authorizing Debian to redistribute their binary. I did this in the past for another package but I cannot guarantee any success.

I got a few contacts with LSI people and they have been helpful, in an unofficial way but I'm not sure it'll be the same for a public statement.

Regards, Adam.

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